(Note:  A bit of history, the German Training in Power community had grown to 80-100 members around 1998 and many of us taught students there and developed many friendships.  The German group became an official TIP organization, creating a Board of Directors.  Christiane often visited the US for joint Board meetings, retreats and class work, and the German community was a valued part of Training in Power.  Christiane tried for many years, as I did, to identify and address the abuse, and when that didn’t happen, she began to enlist the German board members to address these issues with her.  The result was that they not only got nowhere, but were abused for their attempts at resolution.  Thus these powerful letters: Christiane resigns, followed by a letter in which the whole German community left Training in Power, followed by two open letters to Faye, as Christiane speaks out.

Christiane’s Resignation

By Christiane (from her positions as a student and the executive director in Germany) To: Training in Power I signed the letter "community resignation Germany". This will be a personal ...
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Community Resignation Germany

On behalf of the German TIP Community To: Training in Power We are standing up for the freedom to be who we are as individuals and also for the freedom ...
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Open Letter to Faye Fitzgerald

By Christiane Hi Faye, this is Christiane, Germany This is the 1st open letter to you from me I haven’t heard from you after I represented the German community resignation ...
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Update from Christiane

Christiane, Germany February 11, 2007 In May, it will be 2 years that I freed myself from the cult "Training in Power". I feel free and also strongly anchored in ...
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