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VISAC – Family Services of Greater Vancouver

Marga Hanna M.A., R.C.C, A.T.R

Adult Therapist
202-1193 Kingsway
Vancouver B.C.
V5V 3C9
Fax 604-874-9898

Elaine Hopkins, D.H.P.
Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy

TEL: 250- 675-4641

Elaine Hopkins has 17 years experience as a teacher and practitioner of hypno & psychotherapy. She leads workshops and works with cult survivors in the interior of British Columbia, as well as First Nation groups on abuse. Elaine has offered to be available to anyone who would like to talk with her about their experiences in Training in Power.

Canadian Mental Health Association – Services Resource For Mental Health Issues-Advocacy Agencies ect. – Main purpose is to provide a structured source of information about mental health issues. With this information, we hope to educate consumers and guide them towards intelligent decisions in their pursuit of Mental Health. Great database.

Psychlinks mental health & self-help resources

Psychlinks Psychology and Self-Help Forum

Rick Ross – A database of information about cults, destructive cults, controversial groups and movements. – “We are to destructive cults, fundamentalism, mind control, and mental coercion/torture what Amnesty International is to physical torture.”

Freedom of Mind Center – Steven Hassan’s site is dedicated to respect for human rights, spirituality, and consumer awareness. We endeavor to be a safe and responsible place where you can turn to for resources, news and information about destructive cults, and mind control techniques, as well as learn how to help yourself and others.”


Spiritual Authoritarianism

Disfunction in Training Organizations 

Traumatic Abuse in Cults


Training in Power & Related Links

Treasure Traders – Expose on Financial Pyramid Promoted to Students (Link goes to Factnet where a search turns up no results)

Pentagano – Pyramid promoted by founder of Training in Power

Training in Power 


Ex-Member Sites

Lessons in Awareness Journal 

Training in Powerlessness


How to Improve Your Information (the Win/Lose switch)

“Healing Our World “…collectively held unconscious beliefs shape the world’s institutions, and are at the root of institutionalized oppression and inequity….By deliberately changing the internal image of reality, people can change the world. – Willis Harman, “Paths to Peace”.