Demystify TIP – Level Notes

From a lecture:  “you MUST stop making me wrong in any manner whatsoever – I demand a new level of courtesy from you. I demand a level I give you and I will take nothing less, or I won’t be here. I’m not a target, a bull’s eye in the crosshairs, I am my own solvency. You have no claimancy, what I do I chose to do. Comprehend this or die with the power and what people will do to you. You are fast moving where I am. It’s taken me a lot of years to put this together. I started to discover that the inner pulling to make me wrong can no longer be tolerated at these levels. I’m not dying because of YOUR neurosis. I will not die because you are so wounded you will turn on me, no matter what with the feelings of resentment and ill will. You are sorry or feel bad, but what does that cost me, I am really starting to comprehend it. Stop it. Just stop it. If you won’t stop it how will anyone else stop it? Pioneers have to be careful, you are a pioneer. Not just me, you better see the pitfalls. The first cost of level 9: loss of a family. 3 people. I was Christ before Pontius Pilot, condemned, they wrote me letters. No matter what I am convicted for I try to play it out. Lots of us have to lose to work it out Money, grief, how to deal with grief, good people caught in their wounding. Survival component in level 9 tremendous.”  – Faye Fitzgerald 

The level 9 notes presented below are meant to be a small representation of the paradigm that controls the minds of trainers.  The full extent of the harm done by such conditioning surfaces slowly, only after leaving, when trainers begin the process back to the ordinary world from whatever level they were taken, back to earth, back to their body, back to experiencing true interaction with the people in their family and community.

By level 12, we were doing a gazillion focuses, wore over 20 shields, had 18 or so “psychic surgeries” memorized to be used on a moments notice, attended most all classes, retreats, functions, healing group and meetings (level planning meetings, supervisors meetings, each level meeting (1-5), minister’s meetings, men’s & women’s meetings, parents meetings, committee meetings, to name a few). We supervised younger level healing groups & special surgeries, and if we were on the board or on a committee, those meetings too. There was something to do every day or night most of the seven days of the week.

Our intense training and the tools we learned were said to develop focus and the ability to “read” energy. According to the founder of Training in Power we were becoming superior healers and psychics, and were told it will be the energetics of Training in Power healers that will eventually heal the world.

Setting the Stage

Levels 1-5 set the stage for what is to come. Students are groomed with ‘carrots’, or mystical hints to inspire them to reach the mysterious and mystical upper levels. Those who are vulnerable are cultivated, those who are not so vulnerable or who are too self-assured are not material for further brainwashing and will leave. For those who are vulnerable or find purpose in the training, there is a slow separation through the levels as you are split emotionally from your ability to relate to friends and family.

In level 3, which deals with death energy, you are sternly given “the privilege of silence” which means that you must not talk about your new level knowledge to younger levels or to outsiders. It is in this level, in the excitement of what is revealed to you, that you attempt to talk about it with others and of course no one understands you. Stories are told in class and in level 3 monthly meetings about the consequences of trying to get others to understand, with tearful disappointment or sometimes comic consequences. This bonds the group and reinforces that ‘they’ are outsiders and you are in the know. In level 4, the instruction is more threatening, you are given “severe instruction”to protect younger levels and outsiders from this knowledge, on risk of losing your soul if you damage them by telling them too much.

As you are separated from the ‘real’ world you come to adopt a new personality by which you now operate, by default you go behind the us/them wall. By level 6 you are ready for a further split from reality and to continue to ‘believe’ and agree is the only way to stay in the group. In level 7 your job as “Guardian” keeps you busy decapitating thus releasing dead souls to the light in the lower astral plane; there are millions to release and the level 7 students walk around doing this all day. In level 8 you are taken up into your geodesic dome, high and pure. By level 9 you’re out of this world, and level 10 you go further out. In level 11 we were back down to sex and the value of threesomes; why can’t we just love everybody? From this “purity of consciousness” height you are beyond paltry human understanding, beyond human law.

Level 8
From the lecture:

“In Level 8, your position is the “Judge”. Witnessing correctness and incorrectness and passing sentence; you must create and hold this consciousness here on earth. From the lecture: “You’re going out of the physical matter area. I guess you’ll be invisible. You get irritable. Position of increased sensitivity. It’s like you’re in a cockpit. Exalted flying. Rough landings at first. You just endure. Tonight you quicken. Place you in center of Dome. Must attain it to do the work tomorrow. Place of all knowingness. Why must we do this? How dare we become the judge and not in all knowing, all compassionate, all loving. Otherwise there is judgment: How dare we unless we maintain an exalted Holy Position. You are to live in that position, have exchanges in that position. If you don’t pay attention, if you don’t listen here, you go into judgment. There will be sustained attack. Soldier gathering, inquisition in public. Your “Battle” of Level Vlll:  Insanity. (The Level Vll Battle is Terror) They get mad (manic/depressives) when you tell them they have to do it. Have you seen the rift? Don’t go in til level lX. Bands, rift has to do with ID of disease. A demon jumped out of the Rift. When you get your deity you have a doorway to the inner realms. Don’t go in. Gave 1st year 8’s ok to go there if wanted to, then took them in, in Lev lX. Don’t go there! Are fairy rings fabric or inter-dimensional? Is there a sacred dream there and can they affect it there, their Sacred Dream? Is there death in those realms? Are we in a realm? Do we have fabric? Are we a dimension? What is a Dimension? So there is a boundary? Yes. How? Go out of the dome and you’ll get lost, trapped here too.”

Level 9
Friday Class l
From the lecture:

“Last of Power Radiance. Rocket ride. 13X where you are. Breathe. Drink Water. Radiance will go on. Vll is last of physical—then power radiance. Velocity. We are trying to clean up this space. In your dreaming or archetype, you see it as a cavernous space, with pockets of unattainable space. Labyrinth.
Goes to one point, to end of your path, to the center of self. Reclamation of Self.
Ancient Gardens. Old English Labyrinth Gardens. Not maize. With the deity position, there is a type of opening that occurs that goes to the inner realms and out into that ancient space.
3 entrances:
Master Warrior
Master Teacher
Master Healer
Portals eventually lead to teleportation, enters into cavernous position, you don’t understand yet. You enter into a type of dimensional drift. Shape around you? Cavernous?
Inner Realms open up fairies, wee folk, new kind of lucid dreaming – past Shamanic Positions
Inner realm = inner power & the language within. The more we explored, the more well we became.
Your Deity (Lev Vlll) is important to going in to access. How are yr deities? You’ve probably noticed trials to get here. We’ve talked of the cost of Lev lX. The labyrinth must be unlocked into the center of self. You’ve been a probe before. Core of Self. Or you won’t be learning teleportation.
What will happen when you go all the way? Transformation brought into matter. We are the key to it.

Have you found yourself in each and every realm yet, and if not do so tonight. You’ll find a chasm thru the realms. Find the split. You’re a probe, find the rest of your probes, find the rest of yourself. You’ve been split, which separates your power systems; a further extension of fragmentation. There is a portion of you in each of the realms. How many are there? Twelve realms. Beyond the 12 helixes of self to 144. Electrical disturbances=displacement physics=attack. Physics phenomenon, we disturb, as much as you push you get displacement. Thus the hot tub lights going off. When you find each portion of self there will be an integration = multiplication 12 x 12 in physics. (12 helixes will form one day, then 12×12 = 144) longevity, youthfulness. Eventually you’ll be greeted. Recognized. Some part of you made an agreement there. Like a puzzle. You are a multiplicity of probes and you must find the rest of your probes. What rung are we on the inner realms? Humanity. The third. Third kingdom. It is written about if you care to find it. It’s there. Third inner realm, a creak & stretch.
We’re the third kingdom—Earth. It is in the spiritual books. This is why I use Tertiary systems

What is 1st rung on inner realms? What beings are there?
1st – Creation – like layers of Primordial Murk
– fire beings there (Roboton or stuck)
Level Vlll about being stuck, fire beings stuck. Reason called inner realms & labyrinth.
2nd – Primordial Murk like but not
– swampy
– creatures / some mistakes/beings of mistakes.
– seems realm of mistake
3rd – ours
– some have got it / some not
4th – Astral wizardry
– magic, sorcery, Power over
– Negative phenomenon
– wraith-like, smoky. Prep of Shamanic shields, mythological. Through the taint the archetypes got screwed up.
5th – last hold outs, 1st realm of allies
– land of fairy, Elvin kingdoms
– it is tainted
– they are lost here in a way. Some entities light and divine, some very wrong.
– they are in trouble, they are beleaguered, not much strength left to hold out
– where some of myth comes from – taint screws up myth – allies here
6th – plane of illusion
– quicksand, nothing firm to stand on
– used for creation of sacred dream if correct
– glamouring – shape-shifting
7th – nebula like a spiral. Spots of light. recording, memories
– gelatinous, trapped in a phenomena
– recorder of Kunzi information to do with what has happened here.
– (looks like particle field)
8th – the wailing wall. Like limestone, the marks are the people who couldn’t go thru the wall. People in the rock.
– how many of us got stuck here
9th – void of matter – without texture – luminous quality – impenetrable
looks like you are going somewhere – like holodeck – gray in appearance
– evil Dakini – soul snatchers live here (different that Dakini of Void that Buddhists talk of)
– darker gray-grainy like
– more you look the more you are caught
10th – frosty, damp, cold
– face of the Glacier – Beings to do with space, can freeze you, suck the warmth out of you.
11th – # of Mastery.
– Demigods- False Gods- Prisoners of Self Importance
– cutting to make you feel less powerful, bickering. There was once power here.
12th – like giant black bat wrapping around
– sucking sound – nephelim like
– like tidal action – something moving everything
Electromagnetic death. Manipulated electromagnetics.

Talked a lot about past classes, dangerous level, next dangerous seems to be Xl. 3 out of the seven left in lX. They were gods, not god like, but god. Learn from them & honor them.
Level lX came one year early. Right now, we must keep bands of awareness clean. To protect student body. The Shamanic band perceives attack but don’t have system to keep it clear.
(Bands: Asked what are the bands? Bands of awareness around the student body that need to be kept clear. Student body easy pickings if we don’t keep the bands clear. That’s what went down in 97.
How do you find them? A frequency you can tune into. Not linear. Circular: student body in center, then spider, sucker, sharks, mind parasites
Bands (How you get attacked in this work)
1 -Periwinkle Mind Parasites
Mind parasites. Yin. Light neon blue band, parasites float across to be seen. Yin Correct: Replace with periwinkle blue. White blue. Exist on a band just below the conscious thinking process. ))

2 – Gold density Space Sharks. We’re a probe going in to find a way to deal with these.
Space sharks. Yang. a yellow glow with black. Foreign installation Energy food for the ‘its’ Sulfur smell. (Replace w/ clear diffuse yellow) Not now, Use sulfur to replace to yellow green blue. . . Correct: Blue with golden color: aqua aura

3 – Midnight Goddess Suckers, Look-alikes
Black suckers. Yin. Draining. Looks like black mold. Look-alikes can’t think. ˜ITS”. Correct: cobalt blue with silver. Use a liver blue, lev Vl strike. Like goddess band. blue when clear..

4 – Green gold blue Spiders (red)
4 the # of power
Spiders—netting is the web, predisposition to matter, archetypal, spiders equal illusion
Grid work system. Bands connected to Deity position, to Master Warrior.
Red Spiders: Yang. Rusty red against a puce, murky green. Correct: Replace with green/gold, Kelly green..
Bands connected to deity positions

Your strike is now like Power Radiance. Like flash fire.
Strike: like a radiance position- like a flash fire – like cocking the bow to be precise
Strike from transformative position of Lev l, Lev ll, Lev lll, Pillar, to upper regions where you”re striking on a powerful level. All strike position brings a position of inner readiness because of work of Inner Realms. FF not sure how or what Level we will reach Power Radiance

Where we’re going you have got to hold: hold the line and bring in a mother load of Power. From command of realms will be able to command that kind of power. Must expand. Multiplicity of command of your position. Whatever ratio you need will be available.
From position of realms you’ll be able to command this.
What is Lev Vlll? Reclamation of the Self. Part of Radiance position, I don’t know where or how you’ll get to Radiance. (I see signs of it. Maybe trial by fire) (when she got to it she went thru hell)
These are some effects of this weekend.

Kunzi vs.. Pure Energy
– old Tibetan
– word means energy
– to create or manifest

Kunzi: ability to create energy, to create matter or manifestation. You can work with pure Kunzi now as of 1998, push it into Lev Vlll, Vll. This will help clean the Realms. Brought into murk of Lev lll. They can help with critical mass. You’ve got to be able to know what you’re handling here. Kunzi tainted. Lines of fabric coming off. Misconceptions created the labyrinth, so we have to go into the lap to ferret it out. It’s a game, you’ve entered into a powerful game. The planet that had all the games went awry.
Once you go into the labyrinth, you may well uncover the truth. Labyrinth full of misconceptions. But you’re here not there. To ferret out the truth. Kunzi vs. pure energy “incorrect or tainted energy. Kunzi is the system that was used here. You’ll work corrected Kunzi, should be very different this year (99)
Critical Mass – everyone believes the Leader must give up life force to create Critical Mass – purity of energy. It’s not correct.
Misconception – Can’t bring in Purity of energy and live, cause matter isn’t pure.
Why did every one suspect I’d die?
It’s cellular because the savior dies. Gives up life force to create purity of consciousness, critical mass. It’s a misconception that it isn’t pure. And since it is not pure here, we think matter isn’t pure. But misconception looks correct.
If a Bowl is sterile and you put in a dirty instrument. What is the dirty instrument? Us. How do we get clean? Are we the spoon? Or is it something on us.
The deities are trapped, bound. No matter how much you awaken them, they’re bound. Are they pure or not? They are pure. They are coated, tainted. Think of this. If we become pure here, what will happen here? The cleaner we get the more attack. Big displacement. In order to avoid the personal split, you must be more humble. The archetypes are against you, stacked against you, like Christ before Pontius pilot. ”Nice guys finish last”. Reality of physics phenomena, survival. If you go into blame & accuse, you’ll go down. Blaming yourself safer, but still go down.
What is pure about us? Life force, Spirit, Kundalini, Divine Force. Physics. It is all pure. This (there) is a language that matches. Language”¦.what will happen to us if we become pure.
Is our inability to work our Power systems fully part of the Physics of matter.
There are tainted inner realms and a fold where the taint is. Doppler or mirror effect in Inner Realms. When did you fall down. Who’s after you? Trying to take you out. They don’t see your pain. Grief is numbing, grief in realms. Level lX horrific.
German: doppel =double.
Doppelganger ”“ used to be compared to evil, like Soulless Self or Possession. Mirror effect of the inner realms has to do with full reclamation. How will reclamation affect electromagnetics? Have to be in Physicality to wield Purity of Energy (not necessarily human)
If a doppelganger forms, you’ll have a chance to perfect some of the focuses you’ve been working on. The work here has to do with Reclamation. Deities had the Power and the Purity. You must have the leverage and must be in physicality. (Not necessarily humanity, but it is humanity this time. There is a Survival Component to lX. If you will move your grief you’ll move your rage.

– speak of doppelganger as evil
– evil walks the earth
– evil has earth for 1000 yr.
– then evil must retreat for 1000 yr.
– every 2000 rears there is a savior born (troop sent in that are capable of the position)they may or may not achieve it
– with luck 1 person may remember their destiny and may be able to excite and lead others (lead former troops)
– if they excite consciousness to level of purity – why?
To fight, corral the evil
It is a deal

The Savior will excite troops to live up to that deal.
We sell out humanity for 1000 yr. and then recoup ”“ maybe. Maybe.
Each time it requires this life-force – divine law – critical mass. The minimum sacrifice required to corral evil. It is this life-force that is demanded to corral evil.

It’s a Deal. We’ve made this deal. Who will make evil live up to the bargain? The Savior.
Genesis – Man sent out with the mark of Cain and it was good, because it was mark of God. The ability to withstand being outside of the Garden, which is paradise = correct energy. The Garden was place of Temptation therefore Garden was after the Fall, when people lost their way, they had forgotten. Do you think that in true divine areas there is temptation? NO. If in true divine areas don’t you think you’ve already been tested?

The Garden – not Paradise – was a place of testing. If you fail you’ll be taken out and put into another place with a mark upon you. Not talking about paradise in the Bible, but a place of testing, so they can be taken out and placed – … So we have some sort of Hierarchy making these decisions that may or may not be well. Why did it take a Christ / Buddha to show this correction? A God of love, not of rage, madness & mayhem.

A place of wellness, a place of Love. A Being of unconditional force and love. It takes a place out of taint to do this. Use the fuchsias, pinks, lavender, teal, periwinkle. We must maintain love to get to confrontation. If you can accept confrontation, we can get to it, if the spirit responds in love it will lead. Arachne to do with space, time: Kronos created gaia. Tibetans traveled on the web, teleportation. When you’re on the web and you don’t do it right, are not in power, purity, you don’t want to attract spiders, the one who made the web.

Tonight – must be done:
Recapitulation. Remembering with purpose of pulling your energy back. Start with this life – every relationship – particularly intimate. 2nd position: All past lives ”“ the Regressional area – will set up a paradigm on time itself. Position 3: This is a reclamation on inner Realms – will set up a paradigm phenomena on space, pulling energy out of all edifices on this plane, & they may crumble. Institutions, they may crumble.

Be careful you only take what is yours. Use an electromagnetic intent, extract with intent, not willy nilly, only pull out what is you. Must be done tonight. You must collect yourselves. You’re pulling your energy out. This is how you leave. Every 2000 years we have a chance. If we miss it we’ll be here another 2000 yrs, give or take a few hundred. FF ”“ demonstrated the doppelganger walk, walking similar to goose step, really how we walk in dark realms. Swastika: Symbol of Universal Love and Power. Holy Geometry. Goes to left. Nazi to right. Like Tingle/Misfire. Goose step as a march without stealth, without preparation of placing foot in consciousness, without deliberateness excites the dark side. It was used to excite the dark side. You yourself, your human, does not go into the realms.
What part of the body goes? The Doppelganger, second self goes to Inner Realm – the part of the physical. The doppel is a probe for us. If that one is caught we will never be whole. Or your soul is forfeit for the release. These are old systems, I want you to see what I’ve gone thru. If you do the robotic walk, using the doppelganger, you won’t even be noticed. Dangerous work tonight.
The Walk is like the goose step, it is glamoured, robotic – use it and you won’t be noticed. You’ll be protected, disguised. (You’re welcome to try it without the walk only in realms 1 & 2, they are the least dangerous.)
You can pull energy back from a Probe. A Probe can be left. We can make a new Probe (reincarnation) A soul can’t be left, cause we don’t want to forfeit the soul. A walk is a manipulation of energy. Controlled folly. Smoking mirrors, if used incorrectly, vampires: it’s backwards, you can see vampires only with a mirror.

Meditation through realms. This year (99) we have tools of X to do some of the healing positions.
Your shielding: up to Lev Vlll double thickness and built upon. Level Vlll is a pink tone, has the feeling of Teflon, non stick, colored expanded. If there is a lack of clarity, you can’t do the position, you’ll freeze, paralyze.

Use your deity to access to inner realms. Why is deity important to get into realms? (xxxxx) It is a Gateway, a portal. Deity helps you with time and space, you’re puny otherwise.
Mentioned Event Horizon, the movie
The Split is coming. … created a split in Realms. In light you aren’t accosted much but you’re pretty visible. You are working in the dark and it’s unpleasant. FF said when she first did it, it was in a swath of light, an aspect of herself caught in the dark side. Went in to get it, catch it and integrate it. Strike Strike Strike. Don’t trust or believe anything. Strike so that nothing is glamouring or misleading you. How to do this? You’re working with your own doppelganger. A portion of you that can go into realms. Can it get lost? Yes. If so, can your soul get forfeit? Yes, then it goes into the Lower Astral Plane. This is the part that sells itself to the devil. I suppose, the higher you go the more you will forfeit.

Tell them what the realms are like, xxxxx, xxxxxxx xxxxx, xxx? (Different than when we first saw them. There was not enough critical mass to hold the light, and it was a disaster)

Report: bullet if you can. Use system of pinks fuchsia lavender teal periwinkle around you, look but you can’t go in

Level lX
Saturday Morning
Class 2
Our “fall” was being confused, short circuited. We were scattered, disrupted. One day 12 helixes will form.

Checked in with all levels. New Surgery: Brain Salad surgery… In back of brain, sitting, watching what’s going on. You lift the flap, to get to connectors, blue viscous light gel, light is almost physical, thick. Two branches, connectors one relates to music, one to language. To both client & practitioner, Left to music, Right to speech. If you look down them you will find one more developed than another, they are short circuited. Use gel light to clear a path & sooth the nerves, healing the myelin sheath to nerves; send it down both when you’re done to finish up. From here on in, sense of dampness, work on overview of both sides, insulating every connection. Bundles of fiber optics, lights, connect & expansion, like opening up banks of computers. More light flow, less obstruction, static. When insulated and properly, brings up morphogenic field, which will build and build, bringing it back thru and up and over the systems of the body, wrap whole body with the field, everything working properly. Her body signed & relaxed, neural pathways expanded at an exponential rate, kept having to insulate and properly protect as she built. Like a generator sound at the end of the channels, you have to complete it because we haven’t attached the morpho field which is completion. Here, lang & music, the morphogenic field didn’t work until you fixed the pathways, then morphogenic field works. Just above oxput toward center. Y shaped channel.

Morphogenic field hinges on neuro pathways. You can use a morph field, bring it forward, but this is a natural phenomenon that will occur, you can’t hinge it on a language music archetype because the archetype is not real, it is just a way we describe our reality. It does hinge on the actual neuro-pathways as they open. A highly electrical area, disturbances. Different this year, 1Xs are on the construct, little wedge heads. We’re keeping ooze clear, golden light in you. Didn’t have construct before. Construct work important. Difficult to impart the physics to you. Its tricky, construct work. Analogy of tuning fork, needs a certain stress, but if too stressed, its tone is not correct.

Extra work today. Can’t get in the flap without the light, One side will be wrecked. Reclamation (is also to do with your beliefs), recapitulation, we all do this every year. Changed. Reclamation is what’s left in this lifetime, what keeps us stuck. If doppelganger caught, you become soulless. It’s a Leverage, because Knowledge is Power. Never have gone for numbers, only a honed trained few, to start the energetics. The number 144, it is million not thousand.
There are those that traverse the realms, teleportation. Are we in the time space continuum or have we stepped out of it. You’ll be winking in and out. More you can hold to purity of consciousness and demand power of the law/love.
Maybe evil has a natural indisposition that created the loop. Maybe physics phenomena we didn’t understand. There is a reason for poison, but if it’s used in an incorrect delusional fantasy”¦.. Loop in time/space phenomena that caught us here. Reality was caught in layers.

The placement of the Sacred Dream is correct, like a holodeck we get to play out our fantasy and we come back and play again. There is forgetfulness, like you don’t have enough energy to remove it. Hierarchy of correct energy, but a knot formed and suffocated, or stagnated the energy. So there are aspects of the self to be reclaimed by divine power systems. The infection had to be cut off. Epitome of infection here.
Whatever came in localized at Gate.

Loop developed a pocket: Realm 13
12 of the realms you should have been able to pull on all of this position of power for yourself.
Sharks. Tuned electromagnet. To kill debris. You are not debris. Doppelganger not debris. You’ll receive info. Righteous rage will help.

Parasites are one of the most successful life forms on earth. 70-80 %. We made it adversarial. Why? They are accepted. But if manifesting into the Sacred Dream, we have a lot of knowledge here in the realms. Knowledge is Power. We’ll stay on this splinter of light, not really a path. (Whether assisted or put the lock on.) Someday you’ll pull back from the fold and then will be no need for the lock. Level 9: irritability, anger, giggly. Doppel is gathering parts of you, resistance to thrusting into the physical fully. Parasites could be non adversarial? There is a ferocity underlying all life force. Mitochondria: take apart cells, use the material. Key: keep producing “your” mitochondria. They are co- constructors of your body. We end up fighting our own life force. What if we put the lock on, we closed the gate. To not let infection out. Infection is like a low grade infection, the body gets poisoned, declines. We have to clean it up or we can’t be gotten out. It used to be called the “fold of antiquity”. Analogy of a boil. Consists of entire fabric. We may have allies in the realms we do not know about yet. That can’t get in to clean it up because of the lock. Count on it. We have allies, like white blood cells. Neutralize, we are the neutralizers that can let them in; that is going to turn on the light. Then we can get allies. The agreement: feed parasites until 1000 years, then we will let the immune system work on what’s left of it. The immune system is allowed (in us) to work. We have agreed for 1000 years. So every 2000 years it seems we make a pact with the devil. What is wrong with this picture? Doesn’t fit in!!! Children made to feel they are wrong. It’s their fault. Who’s the devil anyway?? Lev Vl-lX can’t do this any more. Must make a stand like the deities have done.

Sell the soul to the Devil. How? Who is the Devil? Doesn’t sound like an agreement we would have agreed to if we had been asked? I don’t feel I agreed. It was a trick, deceit, a trap. This afternoon, more on this, can a guardian make a pact with the devil? Off the hook, same with judge, off the hook. What is the name of this level? You who must obey, abide by, make claimancy on the law. Your enactment is of a loftier nature. Who can make the pact with the devil? Who can do that? The authority, the person who makes the law, the lawmaker. You make the law. So therefore you are the Lawgiver. Makes the laws. Only those can make the contracts, can sign something into a law. Would sign a contract but if duped it is tainted. For infinity. Look, we will all be judged”¦Judgment day tower of babble”¦.angels shooting arrows”¦..

Integration of all your greebly parts. What will the realms enable you to be?
Guardian Lev Vll first of the enactment positions.
Judge Lev Vlll (Full enactment position.)
What are you? Report. What are you?
Probe of you deserves to live in the light. Reclamation is dealing with yourself. Reclamation with the probe that you are forgiving. Forgiving leads to reclamation. You are being reclaimed. An energy phenomena, it may look like the probe has left the realms, you are leaving nothing behind.
What realm caught your attention, where you have been stuck? Wailing Wall, ice? Everywhere you are in denial, naiveté; you’ll be pulled into and will be taken out. . Must be hyper vigilant here. Where we had energy taken. Any exchange with doppelganger, it’s electrical, it is source of you. You are source descended into the form, so you are source, love, so you create the doppelganger. Giving you a concept, which will lead you to the correct energetic. I’m translating the energy is what I’m doing with you, so need to watch what happens to you.
2002 Lunch be back at 2:30
Fold of antiquity. Lose self in realms become soulless, Integration of the trap, feels awful sometimes”¦.talked about teleportation again, arachne, doppelganger, loop of time & space. Lets cover how you deal with spider, or arachne when you encounter it, think of it as a beautiful powerful woman; there will be fear, survival, so respect with truth & honesty, just so you understand the power of arachne, she can be capricious”¦”¦.guide by an honoring, you honor it. You do not honor someone to toy with you”¦tough love, not allow any power over. It’s a position of a magnificence of great power. The stakes get higher if she wants to play with you, how do you say no? “I honor you, but I demand to be honored as a being of light”. If you’re used to placating a mate”¦.

If we can get all realms up and running, this is an antidote for disease. Clear yourself to a lawful right to be in the light, it’s of the law. Guardian, Judge, do you know yr name yet. More & more you will rely on the law. You must abide by the law to be able to appeal to the law”¦”¦”¦..
Critical mass, purity in preparation to meet the feminine. Not to do with gender, but the feminine of yourself. (She inserts part of the May refresher course in here”¦.. probably part of new material).

Fold of antiquity. May be outside of this fold there is a whole system that exists. Stretch, Star trek fellow called the traveler”¦.can stop time space, beings caught in it were frozen in that moment, only those who stepped out were capable of continuing movement. Teleportation has relevance then, where are we, are we in or out of time/space? Traverse forward and backward in time space, you will not freeze the action.. You could step out time and will continue, like a conveyer belt, step off onto another belt. This is beyond teleportation, which is still working on a sub physical system”¦.

Fiber optic – to do with purity of consciousness. Correction of law of love; you demand to trust the law, a tremendous increase in power. Sharks are tuned electromagnetically to kill debris, you are not debris. Critical Mass is the important difference between you being debris or purity & correction. You’ll get a lot of images, dream info when you are doing recapitulation. We are the immune system. Sometimes rage will help you. You’ll be amazing in battle. You have to be all the aspects of your higher self. Pull from all your divine systems, if you pull from the fold the fold will collapse one day. What of the moods of level lX? Prickly. Sensitive.

There is a density to the doppelganger, it is the mystical quality. There is a resistance to thrusting into the physical where disease can come in. In your life, if physical, be aware of a type of raw energetic, a physical strength, that is what the doppelganger can bring to you if you will let that happen. The resistance is of the order you think the physical is bad or something. Level lX is a cure for disease if you will let that happen. Mitochondria talked about here”¦nothing wrong with that, but it will kill you. People who deal with disease in a holistic manner say it’s killing me. The disease didn’t do that, you don’t have to give your will for that to happen. It means you don’t have to die. Now, this system will bring such vitality to you if you’ll have it, also showing you the pitfalls though; depression, darkness must be dealt with, a subtle kind of erosion that you must deal with, because you accept the will of yr death. There is a crystalline structure of to the form, and it’s like living with low grade infection”¦”¦70-80 % of all life forms parasitic”¦ most successful life forms”¦”¦. We’re manifesting holy power systems in the realms in the light, any area of you that has disease it will show as an indentation of the energetics around your form.

Talked about the agreement again, devil, 1000 years. Who must obey the law”¦..

Younger levels out there don’t think they need to strike, so crack the whip. Your Deities are involved in this-where do they fit? They seem to be part of fabric like we are. Valiant beings have been held immobile here and have escaped. You are in the sacred dream in fabric, that’s why it takes a doppelganger. If released will they manifest in Sacred Dream? How? How does this work with the reincarnation systems? Mentioned books Paradise Lost, Dante’s Inferno. They are like Ice Realm. There is a lesser one and a greater one. Realms ten and eleven. They don’t interact well. The lesser one comes in right away, attuned to call of Power. Greater is indisposed. They’re frosty. They are maybe not going to deal with you at all. You may just tolerate each other.

Are they Deity because fabric is less tainted than demigods, position of realm 11? Perhaps the ones in the fabric made the stand to hold indefinitely to the end of time. They could see that is what needed to be done. Can we make a pact wit the Devil? No. We have to make a stand. Don’t dismiss the ancients.

Judgment day. “We’ll all rise and we’ll be judged.” They/we left ourselves clues. We knew we’d have another chance. Something twisted the infinity loop- Kunzi, that must twist back before judgment day can happen. Splitting of the reality. It resonates. Judgment day can happen. This has been a trap for a long time. We are supposed to loop through planets. What happened in the past? Before we have that exaltation in future, what happened to the Kunzi, how did it get tainted, it is a holy force. How did it get tainted? Remember the Tower of Babel. How could they shoot arrows into the Gods, Angels? They got up so far, it took days to get up the spiral. They could shoot arrows at the angels, they wounded them. And the angels wouldn’t let them out, so humans attacked (crabs in bucket analogy). They transcended their boundaries; angels wouldn’t let them out so they got attacked. Will we shoot arrows at the angels, or will we be humbled. Were did Waco go wrong? If they are doing right, open doors, they built a tower, but not humble. How did taint come in? Energy became tainted. How it came in is important for the correction.

How many are afraid of being soft and gentle for fear of abuse, fear of not being able to survive outside the Garden. We’re pure, but we’ll run up against taint. Petri dish with taint never gave it’s will to be tainted. Mark of Cain & it was good, from God, to survive being out of the Garden. There is trickery here! Betrayal in the Garden, temptation. Eve fell to temptation, how many afraid to be soft, gentle, survive outside the garden, and 2002, a spinout of tainted energy. That’s how they got thrown out. (Like her carrots) She remembers the tainted energy spinning, the more you send out to purify, the more it turns sour. Mistook purity for naivete. Dante’s inferno Paradise Lost. The Kunzi, the pure energy, produces a backlash that hit and wrapped them. FF worked at pulling them out. A wrap short circuited their vibration last year. She worked on wraps but couldn’t clear them. They were caught. Which leads us to locks – and critical mass. If doppelganger is caught you become soulless. Since they can’t strike, so we were feeding them, the wrapping locked in and the more she tried to correct it the worse it became. Critical. We lack the knowledge. She needs 3 areas of knowledge to do this work. 2 she may have.

That’s what happened. The more pure energy we brought in, the more we got locked into the grids and some of us are still there. If that’s what is preventing your connection, that’s what you need to be cognizant of. If we show evidence of light in the realms, we’re glommed on to, unless we know how to get it off. Leaders covered in glamoured glom. Can see where you have to put people off. A drowning person grabs on, doesn’t want to drown, survival issue. Life force has will, so Critical Mass must be hooked to life force. We must create the sacred space, or keep ourselves clear.

In the United States, we need to be more cognizant, no Medicare, high crime etc., and this is being allowed. No way this should be.

Begin to understand locks. If you’re going to create matter it must be placed. Even a structure of a table is a molecular structure that is held in stasis and is not immobile. You must keep it separate from the start. Otherwise it comes back and wraps you and can kill you, you’ve watched me with electromagnetic pain. I’ve learned how to keep it off more and more. When you work with pure energy, what does it do? It is the sacred space of the messiah. Critical mass must be hooked onto the life force. To create the touch of Christ you must create the sacred space to use this holy energy (weave). There was a containment field of the weave to weld energy that has been used against us. If you create critical mass and hook it on to life force and bring it into this dimension, you create miracles. How do you make it hold? How do you lock it? Work with a person’s beliefs, faith, perceptions, misconceptions of reality. It is their empirical reality. (They believe in the external though, and cannot hold the construct of energy.) If they have faith, they are healed. If they lose the faith, the taint comes back on them and they’ll fall. They have no shielding, no belief system, they have no substance within, no God within, they think the God is without. If God is kept out, we will be kept powerless. If you put God outside yourself, God will be there for everyone but you.. That’s what happened and what happens in this realm.

Car needs oil. Lubricant to fight resistance. Oil filter is the LAP. Where is the LAP? It has to do with Reincarnation, so it has to be near the realms. Nephelim in Realm 12. LAP: if all realms to do with fabric of creation, what is pre-fabric? LAP is like an oil filter, keeps the oil clean, a way to clean the tainted energy. Can you come out of inner realms dysfunctional? Shouldn’t be. Level lll is just starting off fabric, beginning to see phenomena, entities of the 3rd realm. Starting to work the Sacred Dream. In Level lV you deal with phenomena in the LAP, which also hinges on Sacred Dream and the Realms 3, 6, 11. The language systems are there in aspects of all the realms. Do you have just one doppelganger? You’ll have one in each realm.

If I take you too soon you’ll get lost.

If you had oil that is used, it is not going to be break down. Tainted oil but not used. Sludge. Engine is not running correctly because the oil is bad, the filter barely keeps it alive. There is a way to clean tainted energy. Is there any point in doing this if they don’t want to train?
How to do these steps and in what order? She’s not sure.
Ӣ save organism
Ӣ release anything entrapped
Ӣ clean the organism up + environment it sits in
Ӣ provide clear, healthy, nurturing environment.

You need to know about the locks so you can unlock them. All the realms have locks. Everything has grids: We have a grid system in our galaxy. Plume of anti-matter. What is it doing? Having sex, splitting up, creating? What? Ice realms trying to communicate to us. We’re in a position to do it. 12: they can’t survive there. Luce = Light fer = Messenger Lucifer = bringer of light.

How do you get people well? 2 ways. They heal in our presence.
– Truth “their facing the truth in themselves
– Exposure “sometimes they heal, sometimes they lash out if they won’t look at the truth.
Figure out how each realm could be a healing system. There is a whole comprehension of this that needs to be grasped, you need to grow into it. Figure out what it might do. You don’t really have full access. It is the entire fabric as you understand it. Was there once a correctness to giving energy to others, but it had to stop?

(Saturday afternoon. Went to Mount Baker. 1997)
Level lX
Saturday Evening
Class 3
Went to Mount Baker this afternoon. Altitude.
Why are mountains a retreat, fasting. Closer to God, Purity. Shifted perspective. Moved out of thick time and space phenomena. Ancients tests: 1000 years as a mountain. High mountains have entities. To do with Deities. They are trapped in the mountains here. Why are deities trapped? xxxxxxx? Kunzi, wrapped electromagnetics, they went insane from powerlessness. When they came here, troop of young ones. Felt familiar (sqirmily). She saw how they were pinned through their bodies with the grid work system, not just over them. So will be more painful. It’s a type of possession. There are entities trapped throughout the realms. 97 In hot tub, talked about Lucifer, trapped entity, messenger of light. Evil has to do with testing. Recognition of testing important & to do with the holiness of this work. How that can be a reverential task “that which would test or tempt and not pick up the downfallen. Reclamation of souls and non-contamination of souls going out of here. There is validity to testing, but what may have started in this vain created its own dynamics, and if it creates its own dynamic it becomes alive and creates a false critical mass: there is a physics dilemma which created an inward spiral of feeding on itself and trapped us. Still don’t know how taint got in, but test was important. This is origin of it, but what caused downfall originally? Archangels. Garden is (was created) since the fall, so must go before that time.

Revelations 20-21 (Gate, unlocking)
Gypsy Mal Negro, violent spirit. Sometimes it escapes and becomes enactment of evil (Lev V)
It takes Love, a strike, from a purity to neutralize its power to get correct energy, to take it to truth. Otherwise it takes on a life of its own and multiplies. We were caught in the testing. House of horrors. Trapped like a twisted gut. Is a person holy or not. Can evil people exist without evil? Once the deity gave us free will, there could be no imposition on us, only the reward of correct living. Does free will preclude the negative? If the only way to have control is to say no… The testing is to know where you are. Without gravity you couldn’t build muscle. (we created our own dilemma.)
What is origin? Stress causes the ulcer. What caused the stress? (97 Michael? is key to health. Unlocking. We’re going to unlock: created groups. To Lucifer. If we can unlock this we can unlock the minds of man kind. Evil doing will no longer elicit pleasure, it will be exposed for what it is. Becoming lawgivers is accepting consequence. The system is pink fuchsia teal blue green.
The how to: Not going to be easy. Only one way. We must align with and awaken deities. (Hope you ate well) Need 2 deities. The troop that came here was trying to save a continent, Lemuria.
Grid system. Are you ready for this much power? Deities: Do they believe they need to stay bound to hold the structure? Do you believe the deities hold things together? Do you believe it? Is it so? If energy stays tainted, they will be necessary to stay. If we can clean it, they can be released to go where? With Us! Yes! How to clear the energy? How to get deities to send light. Silver and Gold. Can we free all of them? No. I think you’ll be lucky to free yours. If we can get ours free they’ll know how to awaken the others on the grid.
Grid to activate, awaken deities. Free ours to awaken others on the grid. Get them to send light. Do each other, do your deity. We’re going to move the grid system on the planet to actual correct communication.

How did we clear the Kunzi? (blue/green). The order is matrix, vacuum, kunzi, chi, Law. So we get to clear the Kunzi this time (99). Realms have validity for positioning. They maybe did at one time anyway. Can you imagine how much could be done if they could send. Silver and gold on deity. Bring that light and Power Ratio all the way through yourselves which will reverberate through communication grids and light them up. Binding grids prickly, we should burn them off.

2002 got current lev lX’s up: What are we going to do & why? ******t: with another person or a group, silver and gold, send out in a figure 8. How is it different from Master Warrior? It is unconditional love at 1X vibration. Why wait until level lX to do this healing? They can’t hold it. Purpley/ pink: law & love tone. In order for you to be a type of position of receiving & yet reflecting it back”¦..what does it feel like? A receptivity o love, if unwilling to receive love, it won’t set up. Hw do we assure the bending of light? Intent. Once you set it up you must maintain it. It sets in & you hold. What happens to you, your bodies? Purification, soothing of irritability of lX, increases unconditional self love. Stronger, less resistance. When you begin, what color works best until you set up the secondary color”¦..? set up gold first, then silver comes in, silver is actually the higher position. New. You grow to both, but seeing what you have understood of it so far. Love of each other. Of what order? Divine, highest love. There is something missing from a lawgiver, the very fact of bouncing light off each other is unheard of in our density. You are phenomenal. MW gold silver comes from PM, 9th soul chakra. To answer, it comes from lawgiver, you cannot make law unless from these enhancement positions. So not attainable in MW for healing.
Question? Why irritation? It soothes it, healed the irritation, doesn’t cause it. But may bring it forward, especially afterwards”¦.. life on this planet.

lX HEALING: lX not a sieve any more. Can bounce energy back. Gold silver.
Running silver and gold back and forth and thru client, sending light silver and gold, to activate and awaken deities. Incorporate your deity, do your deity. Get them to send light. We’ll activate the communication grids.


We’ll activate the communication grids, but possibly correct Kunzi and they can be free

(**99 said Critical Mass was now placed so did not do it again.) If critical mass can be connected to Deities, it works as a proper filter to correct energy. If vibrational medicine works, this should work. Then we move to correct the energy. Get them free so we can pull them out.

New Healing Work: 1998. Language and music ability. Brain reclamation for ADD, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, dyslexia. (Not autism). In back of head a flap of skin. A main stem with two stems going out. Most will sacrifice on or the other or both. Don’t go in until you adjust your size position, then it becomes roomy. It shifts. Produces stasis. There is a size adjustment, like taking it out of this reality so you can work on it a moment. Looks like rubble, fraying, short circuiting and bare circuits, unconnected circuits. Built it back so that it flows, is running correct, well insulated and protected. Once it is running push on the morphogenic field of it. Expand it out into the body structure, into cellular areas, symbiot, stem cell and all positions of expression.

Saturday Evening 10pm.
You went to deities and into inner realms. (Disoriented, like the healing provoked where they have been compensating. )They’re loosed and critical mass has been placed.
Rebel forces are captives in each realm and will be seen. Who? Beings that can’t get out are tainted. Some of the forces are here and going to come with us through the deities. We are some kind of task force, armada. If we take the 1st level and establish critical mass, then what will happen?
1stt realm to establish CM. Hold Universal love and neutralize position.
2nd 2 headed entities came to her
3rd Gondola, Spanish warrior, wizard type human
4th 2 beings with sexual energy, wizardry
5thWhole range of Elvin folk, one came forward out of a forest of hiding.
6th A person with a shimmer, smoking glass. Glamour. Visibility issues here.
7th shiny wrapping paper, opalescent.
8th wailing wall. Gauzy representative
9th same. Gauzy representative looked into void and saw actual Dakini with massive gathering: void lighting up.
10th Cold area, pretty clean
11th demi-gods. The deities know something about this, also a sense of giants.
12th see us as having captives. Won’t go if they still deserve to be punished or evil. (xxxxxxx to lead in that realm (Stockholm) He will show them what they really are. The cure is redemption, if they will accept their willful factor. If not, will not heal, will blame and accuse, put it outside. If you never look inside”¦..

Desirability. Biggest issue. Spilling away. Like blood running over the edges of an alter. That’s how we get to Mal Negro position. Must maintain detached love, universal position. Will lead us though the trial by fire.
(What was 1st time into realms? What we found was awful. We could barely look, we could barely get any light in. We couldn’t get the beings to see their beauty. We worked it again at Lev Vl one year, 98, which loosened it up some.)

Trial by fire. What is it xxxxx? Trial by Satan which leads to confrontation.

It will take a twist. We have (teacher’s group) to get to the confrontation (to yourself “which will no longer be necessary if you know yourself) or not get to retribution position. We are offering redemption to evil. Jesus couldn’t get here, he spiraled out. Confrontation, we’ve had it: isolation, despair etc. We’ve had battles. (K, D, N.) You’ll face temptation tonight. Keep it ice (the confrontation) Icy, so must. To get the contract. When you go there first you will be much dismayed. (understatement!) It will be difficult. We’ll reopen the contract. You’ll see the beings with all that stuff around them. Maintain love, reverence. No matter who sits there or what you see. You must know you’re looking at a Messenger of Light, see being, witness as Mal Negro, like the Gypsy Witch, with light, love; the old name is Tester of souls. Witness to remove the power that has been placed there. So this being must make a decision. If it recants? There will be a shift. What could happen is a transformation beyond imagining. This will shift the consciousness, funneling off those that are soulless here. We are shoving in light, cutting through the illusions of the archetype, splitting it off. Beings are made to see themselves and their beauty. The whole theory behind Mal Negro of the Gypsies. So you just love them back. Only in this setting of truth will they be shown who they really are. That one glimpse will show them, but they still have to make their decision. Hold love, when you see the split, it’s not so hard to love them. But you can’t get caught. If they can’t accept that, they may come back as one of us next time.
If we fail, it will shut down. So there are tests for decontamination here already. Don’t know why yet. We assume we need it yet, if you’re contaminated. Does the Godhead want this being to awaken? Yes. Changing the akashics, history. People have been bound by a fake contract. She brings only law. The law is our bigness, doesn’t require that she be big. The system you’ll wear through this exercise: fuchsias, pinks, lavenders, teals, periwinkles. Like a sea. (Later: blue/green teal) A depth quality to this that transcends dimensions.
What is retribution? A witnessing, on a grand scale. Accepting a consequence for an action, a payback of sorts. A making right what has been wronged. We are going to use it as a contract opening. Meditation. We went through the realms.

See below: We’re going to create a huge tidal wave action tonight. Reverb factors, may well move into communication grid of the earth plane. When we go in to the trial, can be like a horror movie, imposition of correction is upon the revered tempter, the evil density that is a type of corrosion, we offer redemption and so they can look at themselves in truth. Confrontation to prevent them stepping into evil. Possession & attack. Those in the original class: We didn’t understand that we could hold steady in confrontation. We had a team hold 13th open, send love in, it splits. We split the archetype trapped in there, we were trying to blow up the archetype. This position keeps getting filled. False view of power keeps getting in. Soulless people would get their souls back was the theory. What is required is exposure, shoving of light to split the illusion, split all that is horrific, love them awake and back. You still have to wait for them to make their decision. When you show a being their beauty it is easy to love them. Talk about law because they lose the knowledge of the law, get out of intent to use the content, to get away with things. We can’t do that, we must live by the law, reach in and get the kernel of truth. Push into another reality like a shadow, a person can be bigger than they are because the shadow is so huge. Takes vibration to weld the power. Sea of awareness, pinks, blues, purples. Dark sea of awareness, the yin dark shamanic areas. You have the river of awareness attached to you. The command of the correctness, translation of the DSD archetype language. Our position of witnessing produces results. You’re commanding a lasting groove of correction. Old us is dying immortal us is coming. It says, we all die and all rise up. But do we have to die, is it so? You’re going to clear tonight as messengers of light. Retrovirus that covers your cell and makes it believe it is reproducing itself but really reproducing virus: it’s duped, fooled, incorrect. If you allow yourself to be victimized by self doubt the you allow self victimization. (No self doubt) More and more a split of consciousness. There is a chance of achieving it if we can remove the possession, ripple thru the realms & humanity.

Healing, anything on a runaway growth, tumor on rejuvenation factor. Humility for the lawgiver so immense, often mistaken for arrogance. Important. Lawgivers are humble, they go amongst the people, they ask questions, fix grievances. If you never look inside, your life will be full of someone doing it to you. Watch for your own self doubt. Future holds more & more creation of miracles, we will be known, what we do will be written about. You have the power now, exalted humility. Remember evil cannot live without something to live off, it can’t live without us. Anti virus terminates that which is false. Kunzi sets off a frenzy, sounds good at first but can really catch your attention. What if we produced a retro personality? Is that a possession? Retro uses our life force and replicates itself. Kills host, creates biological chaos. If it gets into the personality there will be a possession. Inner realm work producing a retro personality that is becoming smaller, you must maintain a battle position. We move against wrongness, against false prophets and are a creator love force dynamic. So with dealing with abuse, prevent yourself from being absorbed when you combat cancer or aids you’re combating retrovirus. Continue with all the healings of all the levels. Don’t pull on your deity. What is your battle of level lX. You must have Humility so immense it is unmistakable. The battle? Arrogance? Self importance? NO. Megalomania. A type of madness.

Sat night 2002.. attempt to lay the foundation for critical mass in preparation for lev Vl this fall. Lev Xl Going to do tonight what we usually do on Sunday. Have you noticed something about attack? Since you have been put on the construct? Old X1s bad. New ones intense attack. Why? To clear, be pristine, do the construct. To be on the construct you must know what you will and will not do. Asked 10s how they were: up and down. You must know when you get to X1 what you will and will not do. I want to put you on a type of construct, tonight. If you are deceitful, hiding and on any kind of trip, to not know how you affect younger levels, the world consciousness, you will kibosh the whole deal. Also going to do realm work. We have 30. I said give me 20 trained people, and I will change the world. I want to start that tonight…
Meet at 9, 1.2 hour.

Show you what nines do. Go thru realms, swath of light gets bigger. Go into 13th archetype of evil, offer redemption, range is revealed, received, we’ve tried to clean it but have not succeeded. So gonna do it different. We’ve done variations on it. What I propose I believe will effect future construct work, propose to construct a position, have people positioned on the training construct who will help steady it and observe building of construct. It’s a construct of love I propose. What does it look like? How you going to know? This is the work right now. We’ll build it, going to go in realms and will affect realms but on earth plane will create construct, the contract that will affect the construct. Explanation: what does the construct of love look like? Begin with that. ******? Construct of love? What is the feel, smell, look? Answer: Like a magnet. Magnetic factor. Anyone? A sound, harmony. ******: auric structure vs a crystalline. ***; pure, solid, deep. Deep where? How? Dana like huge from source, eternal, always there. Strength. High receptive. Strong yin. Heart opening. The people tuning to it, will they be affected by the construct? *******: soft gentle smooth tone, light golden light, a wavelength. Just opens the heart. Pure love. ***: an ambiance, atmosphere. *****: SD construct of love, a heart. Pinks, tangerine. Fractal quality. The Elevens were called up to do the work tonight. 2002: The elevens did a lot this year. Lead the Saturday night meditation, and Sunday morning they did the Cain removal. Sat Med: New 9’s: To be led into the 13 the realm to offer redemption. Old nines: hold open the space 10’s: new 11’s: FF worked with them. Old 11’s: guard, lead, guide.
Led them through the realms following the swath of light, slowly, reminding them to use their doppelganger walk, started very slow at first, was able to speed up. Got through 12th realm, then xxxxx took them in. Go into 13th archetype of evil, witness the angel, offer redemption to angel, angel is revealed, must wait for answer”¦ all received answers.

Level lX
Sunday Class 4
Elevens were asked to monitor the Removal of the mark of Cain, then 10’s would remove it. We all got up and did it. 2002 Sunday morning. 9 nines. Did you learn anything last night, you Elevens? ***: it’s hard. Yes, you’re always in training, I must instruct you in the moment, in power. Time to step into positions.

In the training, some younger levels are talking about my bank account. You can add & subtract, no secret. Have my own educational costs. In 97, it was my sexuality. Now, my income, what will it be next, my hair? It affects the construct.

I work really hard to help you with your wounding. Lots of jokes at breakfast, …about relationship….but you move toward me, you MUST stop making me wrong in any manner whatsoever – I demand a new level of courtesy from you. I demand a level I give you and I will take nothing less, or I won’t be here. I’m not a target, a bull’s eye in the crosshairs, I am my own solvency. You have no claimancy, what I do I chose to do. Comprehend this or die with the power and what people will do to you. You are fast moving where I am. It’s taken me a lot of years to put this together. I started to discover that the inner pulling to make me wrong can no longer be tolerated at these levels. I’m not dying because of YOUR neurosis. I will not die because you are so wounded you will turn on me, no matter what with the feelings of resentment and ill will. You are sorry or feel bad, but what does that cost me, I am really starting to comprehend it. Stop it. Just stop it. If you won’t stop it how will anyone else stop it? Pioneers have to be careful, you are a pioneer. Not just me, you better see the pitfalls. The first cost of level 9: loss of a family. 3 people. I was Christ before Pontius Pilot, condemned, they wrote me letters. No matter what I am convicted for I try to play it out. Lots of us have to lose to work it out Money, grief, how to deal with grief, good people caught in their wounding. Survival component in level 9 tremendous.

The more horrific your upbringing the more it may have prepared you to face the horrors of lev 9. There is a physics phenomenon just by our holding. The inner realms are parallel to earth plane and lead to inter- dimensional work of lev l0. The realms are definitely in a roil. Lev 9 is quite a statement of power. Evil was offered redemption. Instead of allowing it to test us, we took it back, went past the test. Misconception that evil had any other role other than something to be knowledgeable about. There is no other role. We pierced the misconception and found the angel, and therefore came the split in the consciousness, we spit the realms because there is the knowledge of the difference. 13 disciples, 13 symbolic for the feminine. Lucky in Europe, goddess positions. There is talk of a 13th astro sign, arachnid position, very old, yin. Teleport, web, kronos, Gaia so on. If you do travel here, must be humble. About the goddess, yin position, if it can get on line, will look like a schematic. Get deities back, awaken them.. 95 deities, 96 was critical mass. 98 Dali Lama said can’t worship the deity because they are too angry. We affect the consciousness. There was a new perception. Thanks to Diane I have a crystal, 5000 yrs old gives me information about prayer. What’s going to happen if this comes on line, the realms get healed? If it does come on line, you must prepare for the feminine. You must claim your yin to claim your power. Ask how well am I how healed am I how well do I wield the critical mass? To not protect yourself when you are with the CM would be a type of suicide. Don’t know how to get people to defend yourself. Keep your ooze clear, if you don’t then you’ll blame me and I will get mad. Even Christ lost his temper at the stupidity, ignorance and defilement of holiness and power, true power. I work 7 days a week, probably part of the problem. You can’t order them to do this, or have expectations. You must be willing to do your own work. Lover who says look after me, then ‘you didn’t do it right’. So, you gotta do it, you look after you. Critical mass ..talked about if you increase power and you’re on a negative, you get a black hole you get to crawl into. You need to make some decision. This kind of training imposes correction, then you get to feel abused. I don’t like it. I know it will impose correction, conflagration, and the more you can hold it more cm will travel. We placed ourselves on the splinter of light, and if we moved wrong we got schmucked. The holiness creates a type of power you have been trained in since lev lll, go with it, cry with it, but never fight it or each other. Baptism by fire, this is what is going to happen with you. A crystalline benediction, it will disturb you, change your energy and perhaps all deep records or orders or systems of that order. Sometimes when it’s not so stable, even though we go through lots in the training, we are pretty stable. Originally it all rode on me, now it’s me and the Xl’s. This is how you will learn construct in power it was ever thus. We start with our own wonderment, could not tell if we were well so did we do this. Because power is so well so clear”¦.is it a game. Benediction. Xs are going to learn it, backed by X1. It’s written, a flame above the head, a fire. We don’t use a little flame, it’s a blowtorch phenomena. Pictures of last supper and little flames. She reaches for us so we don’t go into superstition, negativity.

******: “ Had a dream about a space ship, we were all in it. We were doing well, there was a big shadow, saw on a screen on a ship, we realized it was a shadow, but something attached to us to make the shadow, we were sucked in, it was like a spider, we watched the loss of our systems, collapsing, until we became marionettes.”

That’s information you’re getting. In the awakening, the remembering position, there was her, then she became aware of a spider in herself that became lighted , what looks like a spider that grabbed the earth in Lev Vll, an “it”, but not the same as arachne, which was the original system of power. We are getting it clear. People are functioning like the realms, they are the robotic, people are still caught. In this dream, we age, brainpower decreased. Aging is a wrap we are clearing.

You were chosen by source, not me. you can’t give me that kind of power, or you’ll be doing it for me.
Now, realms: the cost of lX was high for her, kids, love, money. What is it for you?
This is off that position, baptism by fire. In this highest position, the master would bless their disciples. It displaces then we make sure everything is back in place. So you can be here.
We’ll hang on to you, but you’ll feel pretty displaced, in a way. It takes tremendous effort holding steady emotionally. Group strike, R.
Realm 4, you’ll be tested by those who think they can test you; your human foibles will be attacked. I won’t allow it, won’t play the game. I will sign no contract.
5th realm. Shattering the illusion of self. Read Harry Potter, a mirror that gave him the illusion. We sit in front of the mirror of ourselves, we give ourselves the illusion. We’re breaking that so we can’t be taken over by the illusion. This is the killing of the werewolf. There is risk here if not pure: you can get lost. We are dealing with longevity here, these beings lived thousands of years.
6 pinpricks of black fabric. Cravings, oppressed & deprived, go into justification. Cravings here, a type of temptation, like level 4. It’s a fantasy, no matter who it destroys, who it hurts. If cleared up can be used for healing and getting well. If you believe the light is driving you crazy you will put up the wall of dark. Ecstasy & dread. Not a lot of progress here, humanity has not been able to deal with the darkest of their nightmares. If it doesn’t get dealt with it may never clear up.
7th very gray here. Not black any more, but still gray. A door there, can our consciousness reach the entire galaxy. You are highly observed.
8th over wall lies freedom, biggest luggage the bodhisattva vow. They released their luggage to get something, and rose up and saw nothing and were angry. So, how many walls do you put up, how many walls in your life? This is the cleanup. Deep maelstrom of self attack, negativity, the program, if it’s a deal you’ll be disappointed, you’ll let go of your luggage and are disappointed now you want your luggage. Look and discard anything of a negative nature.
9th have you seen the dakini of the void in the realms, the dakini, they flip, love jarring you, transforming. Hari kari, they sit, put a sword in, draw it across their abdomen. Japanese culture lost here a long time. Don’t know how long ago the IT came to earth. Don’t know how long this has been going on.
10th again a healing position
11th deities that are maddened, not well. This will affect you in your mental wellness, then. We prevent our longevity. We eat wrong etc, an abundance of things we can do wrong on this planet.
12th illusion of complacency, they won’t stand up for right so seem to participate in wrong, won’t make the stand. You’ll have discontent in a population. When you take a population that was defeated and you create a scapegoat, but then started to expose about the Jews, and it took a long time to believe it. If you give any population a rallying point they will turn on that group, that person. That is garbage, I’m not dying because of people throwing angry punitive negative thoughts at me. a client told her, he thought she was bound by law to see him. When she expressed her free will she was evil. She’s had it, someone said they had fantasies of killing her. Do you want that? I don’t. It is selling your soul. She won’t take it. You need to address it. I’ll leave, and whoever you put up here in my place will get that too.

The thrust were going to do this year tremendous. I feel every little bit is a success. We hold the love tone, strike on each other’s behalf. The younger levels need to be told if they are not striking, building muscle. Instead of the attitude, maybe those leaders are vampiric if they need you to strike. The world is trapped, if we can’t hold it will stay trapped. Crabs in a pot. What are you going to do? This level is tough. You’ve seen it in the past. I don’t want to lose any of you. I know how I feel. I get angry like anyone if I’m treated unfairly. I don’t think you’re afraid of that, I think you’re afraid of being as powerful as you can be. To be powerful is to be picked at. Yes, it will kill you. maybe you can get a different idea, maybe if there’s enough of us we’ll do it, instead of me working with people I can’t turn my back on. Lev Vl Jan’s line wiped out. Then lev Vl! God forbid we should make it. You are the best trained people of power of this plane that I know of. You can’t afford to indulge in the tedious hoarding guck that has so bound us from an evolution of consciousness. You’re in every bit of danger from yourself if you will not clear yourself. Any part you are self hurting. You’ll do things you wonder at. You’ll be sorry, but then there has been all the damage. Sometimes it is not too reparable, especially if a death. I won’t tolerate it. Your vibrational flux is steady. You’re cooked. Work goes on. Get with a healing group as soon as possible and monitor yourself with a hard eye. Any area of wounding you must address, I do.

You are the Lawgiver. Relation to physical will be different as the Lawgiver. Malleable, flowing. If not flowing you’re not constantly striking. True law evolves. The law got stuck in verbiage. Gets to ritual. Lawgiver cuts through to kernel of truth. Movement, mobility. Lawgivers can lose the critical mass and can’t clean up and see the truth. You must wear critical mass at all times. That’s what’s changed for you. Pinks blues greens purples, the sea will be all around you. It’s like you’re shadowed, in a sense. Takes vibration to weld CM. (Bren: a part of her spinal fluid CM) It’s unbelievable it is so agile. Like a hologram. Our efficacy could be up to 100%. This is what Christ had going. He spoke openly of his position —people could not hear him. But the command of correctness is now yours. You must receive it, like the final piece.

Let’s talk about who we are as Lawgivers in society, in the translation of the Sacred Dream, of the archetype. It is more than witnessing. If we bring our position into being, you bring a lasting groove of correction.
The 12th realm. Fountain of light, blue white.
The old human is dying and the immortal coming forth. Blue white Kundalini. Battle.
12th—we’ve won a place here, and in sections through the realms. We’ve split open the contract, there is light coming from the 12th. Every being that comes to Lev lX will make this choice to hold position. It is vibration and response mechanism. The only way out is to carve the path, which will grow and grow. From a crack to a great vast way of light that will show people the way. The rememberer & lock it in. It will grow and grow. Exposure of the difference = a split. (the sides will split)

We have completed all the knowledge of the existent knowledge. We’re making a map, there is a sense of the map, or realm, in a non-linear sense. Creator. There is a lot to correct here. Who we are: Teachers, Messengers of Light. Attacks will be of an earthly order. If you allow yourself to be victimized & allow ANY self-doubt, it’s the split in the 12th realm. People who choose not to heal. Attacks will splinter them off. More and more of a split. The split: people look alive or not. It becomes obvious. If you could remove the possession on people, displace it for a moment, it would open/shift them. When you do this on people you feel the ripple throughout all realms. The true way of miraculous healing is to shift them onto the path, if they will. But the split will occur. The system of it. Same rules but much more powerful, complete. No point in taking them out if they won’t heal. If stacked realities, we’re carving a pathway through of correctness. This is where we create peace for ourselves and not settle for anything less. Those who want to heal can stay with us until they are willful. How will you be, when you go home? (The Earth is on our tail)
Attacks and training go hand in hand. Attack goes with your positioning. Your attack will come from the people now and it’s hurtful. You’re exalted, and they will attack you, like the crabs out of the bucket. Be humble. Listen. Ask personal questions, shed light where you can. The split is coming. Consciousness is going to split. Until that occurs, you’re wielding it, you hold it, you’re a part of it.

The missing piece.
Cavernous of the Earth & 12th realm. (Ancients said Hades) It’s the Unconscious. 12th house/12th realm.
Attacks: watch it; self-doubt.
Earth plane & outreach. We have the true system of healing. Reach out to the public. The children who are homeless. If an official status, we can do. Gradually making an effort quietly around the world. Future attacks will be from the community. You must hold this pathway until it splits; there will be more and more of a split. Surgeries. Healings.
Everything we do will be seen, recorded. Pieces and bits are being put back together. Keep yourselves clear. If you don’t have doppelganger you can’t do it because you can’t bend light. You’ll be studied. To us we’re just us. You can’t go there anymore. It is dead to you. You have the power of the Savior now. Exalted humility, which people will misread as arrogance. That’s why people have not understood her humbleness. She can do little without Source. So, exalted humility, surrender to Source.

You’ve changed a lot. Practice Lev lX healing. Build muscle. 2 practitioners, 1 grounder.
Dome opening up, corridor by corridor. Fast, but not personally so. Fast in terms of lifetimes.
Continue with Lev Vlll healing, it will stabilize the line out of lX. Electromagnetics need to be honed. Everything runs from the switch, the transducer. We are the transducer. People will be awestruck by your power. Work on deities if drawn, watch them. Clean any electromagnetic hook or pathology. We’ll keep pushing it down into the levels.”

(In the first class in 97 there were six of us: we were all asked to speak to what the course meant, and accepted our place to hold, to work for others in service. FF baptized us with Fire, and removed the mark of Cain)