Community Resignation Germany

On behalf of the German TIP Community

To: Training in Power

We are standing up for the freedom to be who we are as individuals and also for the freedom of different opinions and viewpoints.

Being asked, if not even forced, to match the Founders expectations and demands of how to be would have often meant to act against our best knowing and our good conscience in the interest of ourselves as well as our members and organization.

We are not going to follow this. We would sell our souls. We would give our power away. We would lose ourselves.

One reason why we had chosen this work was to heal incorrect and damaging dynamics of our childhood. Our experience is that Faye’s style of leadership provokes serious repetitions of childhood dynamics. They get activated by a deep fear for the students to be treated with her not accountable rage and anger, to be shamed and blamed, to be publicly pointed at, being badly spoken about behind the back, being made small and wrong. This provokes often the conscious or unconscious willingness to follow her expectations how to be, in order to be liked, loved and accepted like a child and in order to avoid any rage, anger and punishment.

This shows us the immensity of Faye’s control techniques, which work very well, because most of us are so traumatized that there is a lack of strength and independency to speak up to Faye. We experience how the ones are treated, who dare to stand up. The ones who speak up are often mistaken as trouble makers, falling and attacking ones. The intense pain, banishment and heartbreaking experiences for the ones who dare to speak up is a horror which no spiritual community can agree with.

Re-traumatizing constantly old wounds does not help in any way to heal.

We do not want to be treated in this way.

We do not deserve to be treated in this way.

For us these are very incorrect, abusive, unhealthy, misleading and crazy making dynamics, which are still tolerated, even backed and continuously excused by the representatives and leaders of the organizations.

We do not see that Faye’s leading style incorporates the ability to treat others as an equal with respect, honour and appreciation, with balanced contact and equivalent communication.

We are devastated about the violations of the individual’s dignity as well by yelling and screaming at our representatives as blaming, shaming, accusing them, making them wrong, pointing at them and by disconnecting the phone connections several times.

We are told that Faye is teaching now a course in “anger management”. We hardly can believe it. We wish Faye would show by example the development of a constructive and acceptable anger and conflict management style instead of teaching about it in theory.

We are missing from Faye a healthy self critical assessment of her own behaviour. We are also missing the readiness to offer words of regret or apologies. We are missing the willingness and the ability to listen and to respect critical feed backs. And we miss the ability to resolve conflicts and the involved negativity as fast as possible and to stay in contact regardless of what is going on. We also miss a love tone which is coming from the heart.

Faye’s total withdrawing now from any interpersonal contact to our executive director, to the Board and to the community for several months is perceived by us as a highly passive aggressive, degrading and very disrespectful treatment towards all of us. The withdrawing is also perceived as very irresponsible for a teacher whose work is experimental with involved dangers. We miss the ability to differentiate personal conflicts from necessary professional interactions in the interest of the students well being.

We estimate Faye’s withdrawing from any contact to us as a hidden agenda to finish the project in Germany.

It is a shattering and very harmful experience for us to be treated in this way by our spiritual teacher.

We are very concerned that lots of unresolved personal dynamics, energetic and other hidden agendas of the founder could be as well woven in all her energetic set ups as in her teachings.

We recognize more and more, how many elements of the Training are used to create fear, dependency and massive control. We are observing in deep concern the effects of a manipulative brain washing group consciousness, which is existent and followed by the active students.

The wraps of the group consciousness are very strong, subtle and multifarious. We started now to unravel them and we are shocked to realize how much we got mislead and programmed to be, to think, to respond and to act in certain ways. We definitely prefer to be independent individuals, even so-called “trouble makers” than to be programmed to uniformed good functioning “robots”. 

We are also very concerned that the high amount of dope affects Faye much more as the Boards and the ministers took into consideration yet. It is not a concern or issue who smokes dope or who does not, but if you will do some scientific researches about the typical personality disorders and about the mental and emotional damage this high amount for such a long time causes, you will understand much more, what our concerns are about. Please take the time and do these researches. We scrutinize whether the teaching contents
(from level III on) are governed by these dope- effects. We also consider the possibility that these dope effects add to Faye’s inability to be receptive to feed backs about any contents of the teachings that are creating dependency and fear, as well as to feed backs of her own behaviour.

We lost the trust that this system is created and governed by correctness and cleanness by its Founder.

There are so many visible contradictions to her teachings in so many areas, that it gets harder and harder to comprehend that the behaviour, the actions and the teachings are related to one and the same person – our spiritual teacher.

These obvious contradictions can no longer be ignored, not addressed or constantly excused by the representatives of the organizations in order to protect or to back the Founder – no matter what.

We know that lots of people wrote in the past already in detail about lots of serious concerns regarding the founder and leadership.

We do not trust any longer that these serious concerns from so many persons in so many years are seriously taken into consideration by the founder and the Boards. Looking at the history of TIP we experience that all the info in the individual letters and writings in the last years were continuously dismissed as soon as they express concerns regarding the teacher and the founder. This phenomenon is a typical sign and distinguishing mark of a sect or a cult.

We are therefore seriously concerned that such feedback will continue to be only perceived as attack, as “Faye bashing”, as statements from “fallen ones”, from the ones, who did not make it, from ex- lovers, from ones who were taken out etc. by the official representatives of the organizations.

This is a concrete example how the wraps of the group consciousness are set up and followed. We are afraid that our writing will be perceived in the same way by you. If you do so, it will be totally dismissed.

This letter is written, because we care. We care about Faye, we care about all of you, and we care about any new innocent student. Therefore we–as so many others before us–offer our honesty and our openness by sharing our serious concerns intending and hoping that shifts, corrections and healing will happen.

Our gift to you was and is our unmovable willingness to speak up and not to allow that a fear of sanctions rules and dominates us. This gift is not received and embraced yet. We hope that the founder, the official representatives, the leaders and the ministers can soon understand the depth of this gift.

We can and will no longer accept Faye as our spiritual Teacher.

We want to thank all the ones who supported us during these 9 years. We want to thank the ones who were curious about differences and asked questions in order to understand us and our thoughts, standards, belief systems and emotional effects. We want to thank the ones who were willing to allow us to be who we are. We want to thank the ones who treated us with respect.

With this writing we are resigning from TIP / Essence of Life. The membership decided to liquidate legally the organization – Essenz des Lebens / Essence of life –  and we will do so.

Therefore we will no longer be involved in any official correspondence and any network of TIP.

We are announcing this officially in clarity and with very sad hearts.

We wish Faye and all of you all the best!

Peace, love and healing be with you!