Vibrational Psychology

A current tipper muses about whether vibrational psychology could be measured; could (the founder)’s system be compared and measured? The implication is that there is something trainers are feeling, what is it and can it be measured? That people feel better is one reason they stay, in spite of all they see wrong. Yes, trainers do feel something, and it can be measured, but it is not vibration.

In order to compare and measure vibrational systems, one would have to have results to compare. It is generally agreed upon that with an increase in vibration there is more awareness, openness, respectful right relations and the modeling of such qualities. There is freedom to speak openly and from the heart, and encouragement of others to do the same. There is increasing neutrality (less attachment to one’s own way) and desire for the common good of all; there is increasing co-creation and bridge building, without loss of structure or curriculum.

The result of high vibration is identifiable as a soul deepens into heart based action in the world, showing others the way without ridicule, shame, guilt, fear or humiliation. If a vibrational system is successful, would you not expect to see some of these qualities demonstrated in people who have been in the system for over 10 years, as well as upheld as qualities to be demonstrated in the operating system of the training itself? The symptoms of upper levels show that they have not been taught to value these qualities, which are the basis of all successful egalitarian leadership and humanitarian behavior.

(the founder)’s version of vibration is confusing, arbitrary and does not value basic humanitarian qualities. She does not disclose in any level how or why she makes the vibrational decisions she makes. She may proclaim right or wrong, but not why. Upper levels are left to grock it, thus I have watched them learn to follow her model and make arbitrary pronouncements based on their mood and ego, as she does. I have not seen that older levels, in their constant focus on battle, pain, suffering, and being shamed, guilted and humiliated, (masked and suppressed by their buoyant power positions) can assess another’s vibration with anything other than their own personal measure, or (the founder)’s personal views. These views are based on arbitrary ‘energetics’, and have misled and hurt many people who have to submitted to them, trusting they are the truth of vibration and power.

With “power transfer” people do feel something. They feel good, elated. The fact that people spend years in the training yet show severe lack of high vibrational qualities, that they are still in victim consciousness and conformity to abuse dynamics, can only be accounted for by the fact that their vibration is not rising. But they are told it is and they believe.

They return again and again to meetings and classes, to feel the vibs, to get a lift, to feel better. Year after year, students are led to believe their vibration is elevating by their progression through the levels, by their position. As only one example, trainers do not feel free to speak up when they see abuse happen to innocent people. Maybe they think it’s just none of their business, and they themselves are out of the line of fire. That the highest levels still believe that this treatment is for someone’s own good and stifle their feelings is a symptom of brainwashing and conformity to an abusive system; this is not high vibration.

It is said that those who leave the training will be assessed for vibration if they return. I received an email a few years ago from a now senior minister who proposed that anyone who left the training could not have vibration (would fall to pre level 1) and therefore should be required to start from Level 1. This does not sound like someone who knows what vibration is, it sounds more like a punishment. If the training must measure vibration based on staying in the training, then what the training taught was not true vibration, which is awareness, which cannot be lost.

This kind of arbitrary assessment is not only illogical but destructive in that when one begins to question, to find areas that are incongruent with vibrational elevation, they are forced to submit to the construct as is, or leave. Bottom line, if someone brings information to the table that is meant to contribute to the good of all and they are put down, ignored, deflected or accused of attack, what is this saying about the vibration of the group?

From these observations, (the founder)’s vibrational psychology is her own; it has not produced physically or emotionally healthy, self-realized beings, and it is not open to improvement. What she is teaching is not vibration, but something else. Looking at all the “fallen” souls left in the wake of the training, it is neither healthy or empowering. What this vibrational system has done is taught students to conform to its construct or awakened them to get out of it, taking with them hard earned lessons in thought control and power over. It has been demonstrated repeatedly that students who leave actually get healthier, in mind, body and spirit. What is this saying about the “vibration” of what they left behind? That trainers will drop friends because they feel attacked by criticism of the training is not high vibration.

That they refuse to read or associate with anything or any one critical of the organization is not high vibration. (the founder) told me several times, “I just want what I want”. Laying the blame (low vibration) on others for attacking her humanity has been used to justify her right to do whatever she does and wants to do, and it has been used for years to deflect the serious issues that plague the training. Those who are manipulated by this deflection repeat that we should separate the person from the teaching. They have been trained to enable bad behavior, in the name of power, and thus it is held in place throughout the training. This has nothing to do with (the founder)’s human behavior or with what she does in her personal life. Critical analysis of the training has been equated with attack, period. Leadership blames others in leadership, blames critics and fallen souls who leave, for attacking, and this continued focus on battle and attack is low vibration.

(the founder) has often said publicly that she is either a genius or a mad woman. In all the years of upheaval she has refused to adapt her construct to release the guilt ridden, fear based controls of her own mind: loss of soul is only one religious threat that is perpetrated on trusting believers, creating the low vibration of fear. In refusing to address such serious issues, she continues to try to build the training on the backs of sincere people; she continues to kill canaries and blame them for their own demise. (the founder) has an opportunity to learn by these losses and evolve her genius to serve humanity. If she will not address these serious issues, if she insists she is right and everyone else wrong, this unnecessary battle of her own making may just well drive her mad.