The bait-and-switch of self-development

When you first join Training In Power, it’s under the guise of self-development. You’re learning “personal mastery”. You’re increasing your own self-awareness.

In a lot of ways, that’s true, and a lot of the tools, borrowed from other disciplines around the world, are genuinely helpful.

Eventually, however, what you’ve learned gets used as a tool of guilt and fear to participate in growing TIP membership.

By the time you reach level 6, Faye will speak of your obligations to pass on what you have learned. It’s not a debt, exactly, but to not do so would be to “hoard knowledge”. No, it’s not to go out into the world and engage in other disciplines where people are. The clear implication is that that paying it forward means getting people to pay: for Training In Power courses. You’re asked to teach and shamed if you do not. It would be like joining a yoga gym, and shamed weekly if you had no interest yourself in teaching yoga, and were doing nothing to bring others to yoga. And not just any yoga gym, but the One True Yoga Gym. The only pure Yoga on the earth plane, of which Faye is a direct beneficiary of your karmic obligation.

None of this is introduced conceptually to new students in Level 1, that if they truly feel they’ve benefitted, then one day they will be fed fear, guilt, and shame to participate in the pyramid that is TIP membership.

Would students not sign up if they knew what was coming? It’s impossible to say, because like many bits of information in TIP, they are never told, and those who know are sworn to secrecy.

Therefore, by the time they reach level 6, the question is: is the choice really theirs?