Power Transfer Claim By The Founder

Power Transfer claim by (the founder) of Training In Power, A Spiritual Journey of Service

“Ideology is the ass that carried the ark of the covenant”

According to (the founder) there is a hierarchy of knowledge based on the amount of power transferred to the students and that they can only withstand so much without dieing. So this proverbial celestial tit is an unending dependence on the guru, who can literally take you to ascension. By reason however, to pull from previous ideology of the training, if source is unlimited, and we all can have our power, why would I need a power transferor at all?

In some obscurely referred to great “HUNA” or Hawaiian tradition, if there is some significance to this, the only thing we know for sure is that this was an “idea” appropriated by (the founder), of which no one could possibly know anything of. But by some westernized romantic projection of it in fantasy(white westerners continuing the modern colonization of natives world wide, through this “new age” Christianity). Not being aboriginal or raised in that old world view, which may not have even existed or as we seem to think we know it existed. Where that may have had meaning, if in fact it ever did or does exist.

But where the mistake is, of most anthropology, especially the founding fathers of, and moreover most “New Age Cultists” is, in the error of an ethnocentric projection, is telling only of the “observer” (colonialists) themselves and their prejudice in the “observed” (native culture past or present) supposed philosophies or traditions. Note moreover the arrogance and transparent Racist tones here, when we attempt to interpret ancient teaching and present it in a western Capitalist way, as though one can literally buy cultural affiliation, native identity. ( I am seeing middle class white women driving SUV”s with dream catchers and eagle feathers, with crystals dangling from their rear view mirrors, on the way to a training event)

To prop up our own materialistic agendas with projected versions of “Shamanism” or “Tibetan Buddhism”, or anything that does not have a direct bearing to one culturally, is rape and stealing, from cultures who have had everything taken, and now this new age leaching of their Spiritual practices, is truly despicable. (the founder) claims that native medicine people are amazed that she can bring so many people to their power animals in the second class of level two. It might be worth noting the great native writers and teachers who are the most critical opponents of the new age, and why that is.

“The arc of the covenant then is the ideology that road the back of the peasants.”