Critical Analysis Applied to the Training in Power Power Structure; A Cult Dynamic

The importance, power and significance given to the training system is based in superstition and fear. It exists in secrecy vows and oaths of silence. Discussing any of the teaching or practices challenges this aggrandizement, importance, preciousness, and places it in light for what it really is: a means to control perception, behavior and thought.

The threat of breaking the secrecy and allowing public critique of the teaching itself, threatens the power structure of those who benefit from this secrecy and repression. The only power this teaching and practice has is its group agreed perception of power, importance, and preciousness; WE have the only version of the real truth about existence and power, only those properly elevated in vibration can understand the knowledge of the teaching, can even withstand it without losing their soul’s journey or dying (as is told to people when they train they are strictly told not to talk about the teaching with the untrained).

The real function of keeping this information secret is to further indoctrinate people into this alternative perception of reality and split them from the other caring people in their life with a secret language system. Obedience starts early in the way this secrecy is set up, it is said initially as “don’t spoil the learning for those coming after you”, and later with more severe consequences of death, karmic ‘reverberations’ or losing your soul to those that affect another’s journey by talking about the upper level course content or church beliefs. This is why it is important to analyze the courses starting at the beginning in Level one, to see how the long term set up and indoctrination is carried out.

This split reality and perception is constantly enforced in the language use, social conformity of the group by peer behavior monitoring and arbitrary “addressments” (this means I tell you what your “issues” are at any opportunity, in or out of a structured or safe setting, whether or not you ask for my opinion or help). This behavior modification control is constantly monitored and you are judged and mostly found wanting for not being able to “hold” your energetic position. Reproaches are often harsh, uncalled for, and patronizing, placing people in a child role with the supposed elders of the community. You never fully graduate from the child role no matter how much training you do or how much service you give. You are always spiritually inferior to the one ultimate spiritual authority and dependent on her every gesture for knowledge of how to be in power, this hierarchal power structure then trickles down from the upper levels.

This system herds people and eliminates those from the group who question or do not conform or agree with the training in all of its precepts and claims of spiritual knowledge. If they are a perceived threat to the structure of the system by their behaviors they will be isolated socially, privately and publicly with humiliations and reproaches meant to get the person to leave or lose their mind. This lynch mob type of social denunciation by the group is best analogized by a sort of scapegoat type ritual where the group singularly focuses on the person they are threatened by. It is also done within the circles of gossip and slander that perpetuate whatever untruth about a person the community needs in order to reject them. One simple and surprisingly sinister way is by saying that the person is evil, this rallies the community against a perceived foe and draws attention away from what may have been legitimate concerns that are being brought to attention.

If you begin to attend less meetings and events, people will express concern and ask you if you are ok, they may even phone you and ask you, and say we (the group) are concerned that you haven’t been doing: classes, church, master warrior, community healings, level healings, meetings, events ect.

If you are brave enough to question, after witnessing others who experienced humiliation for questioning, any response you might get will be so riddled and avoidant of your question, your head will be spinning.

You have just been the victim of the effective, intentional silencing and manipulation tactics taught called “stalking”, in reality any art of the practice is lost and it looks more like passive aggressive, poor, immature, childish, divisive communication.

I have witnessed this sabotage in practice on numerous occasions, it has been used to divide people and shows an inability to be assertive, or direct in communication, or even adult. It has caused excessive damage to peoples psyche and to their lives and relationships; it is by far in my opinion the most insidious part of the training insularity. Talking behind peoples back and setting them up by contriving how they are viewed in the community is the two faced lie that has gone on unchecked for years. The negative view that is perpetuated by this community to those who speak out and openly share their healing process is a character assassination and slander.

I would never recommend anyone assume those level meetings are strictly confidential. I would never recommend group work like this to severe trauma survivors. I would recommend going to get professional confidential help, spare your self psychic abuse and spiritual degradation, believe me. You would not believe the bullshit and saboteur behavior some people have experienced. I quote them in saying by far, the Training has been the most negative experience of their lives and has almost killed them.

If no one can talk openly and discuss any of the Training In Power: A Spiritual Journey of Service practices and teachings, if in fact to do so is professed by the organization and its members as evil; then I will honestly tell you, that this statement is a conscious misuse of power and denotes the tactics of a cult.

(Name withheld by request)