Before you take Level 6

Like Scientology, TIP has secret rituals and information that is revealed once you have progressed and been indoctrinated long enough, but students are primed for that information from Level 1.

Starting from level 1, students are urged to “remember who they really are”, implying that they have a source or original “fixed” origin, or a first identity that is other than their human life, which is somehow a lie. This continues to be taught up to level 1, where the rest of this story is revealed (in a section of the course called “Revelations”).

This phrase “remember who you really are” is repeated throughout the level 6 course, until it’s time to reveal the secret information. New students to level 6 are first asked to share their information. That information is usually brief, whatever “came to them” from the prompt “remember who you really are,” but of course alludes to a non-human origin, just as this phrase would prompt you to imagine.

Fortunately, everyone else present is ready to fill in the blanks. Every other member of TIP, starting with those who were most recently students, also share their information and tell various pieces of an alternate story of the history of the Earth. As one might expect, the longer a person has been attending the level 6 conference, the more their stories tend to align with what they’ve heard previous years. This is, of course, presented as proof that the story as real, even though such a method does not confirm to traditional standards of proof.

TIP’s alternate history of the Earth is roughly as follows:

Long ago, dimensional beings from different planets and/or dimensions organized to create a paradise planet: the Earth. These were all highly-talented and powerful beings who were also pure of heart. Different beings may have had specialities in different areas (members sometimes call out a particular specialty they had). Some people were good at particular geological features, some were good at particular biology, like flowers. They also had names that now exist in modern myths and legends (which is another “proof” of the reality of the story).

At some point, something went wrong, and the result is something akin to the “fall” stories of the Old Testament. (The similarity to other myths of a “fall” is also presented as evidence of the truth of this ancient history.) Somehow, the beings contracted a destructive virus, which had various effects, including:

  • the beings became less pure
  • the beings fell from their “high vibration” into the “lower vibration” that humanity is now, which meant the beginnings of war and hatred and evil of people hurting each other
  • lowering in vibration caused everyone to forget their original “first life”

Once this viral crisis started, the story goes, there was a “call” for help. The response came in three “waves” of other beings, who came through dimensional gates into the Earth plane. (Members will usually eventually identify which “wave” they were a part of.) Unfortunately, whenever these beings would come through a gate, they would get infected, forget who they were, and attack everyone else, similar to a zombie.

Once dimensional beings outside of the Earth plane saw that there was no hope of saving humanity, they “closed the gates” to not allow anyone else through, and humanity has been trapped in this “lower vibration” existence ever since.

Faye teaches that throughout history, humanity has been “trying to remember” and remind ourselves of this original story, and she will pull from various mythical teachings to reinforce the story. If it vaguely fits, it’s really about this origin story. As a result, students are taught to use selection bias to reinforce as real everything that they have learned through this storytelling process. Students are instructed that every other similar myth is a “tainted” version of this story, and now they are learning the real and true story.

Other proofs that are taught that this story is real are that you sometimes feel disconnected from other people or you have a hard time making friends, you may feel without purpose, or you may feel an undefinable “sadness”. Learning and embracing this story, you are taught, will start to heal all these things and more.

From a scientific perspective, there are more than a few flaws in this story (putting aside the large flaw of how the story is revealed as truth). It’s never made clear how / when this took place. Like the book of Genesis, the various stories don’t really align with the fossil and geological record. If the dimensional beings became humans, did this fall take place at the emergence of early hominids? If it takes place at the beginnings of life on Earth, how is there such a gap in evolution to when humans arrived? Is the story implying humans have always been around, even before any records of vegetation or animals that could physically support them?

Some members will share they were responsible for particular geological features which are actually recent features in Earth’s geological record. Some may say they created a specific type of flower. Flowers, Wikipedia notes, are “relatively late to appear in the fossil record”. And, of course, flowers appear before hominids.

Either the TIP “fall” story happened and things that were created disappeared and re-emerged later, somehow in their exact same forms. Or these dimensional beings were around throughout the history of Earth, and the fall happened at the beginning of human life (and humans just happened to look like the evolutionary successors to millions of years of previous life on Earth, but were actually the descendants of trans-dimensional divine warrior beings with God-like powers).

Or a story with no evidence, which emerges in and is unique to only one particular spiritual group, and is unsubstantiated by any facts, didn’t happen.

To ensure that the story is not questioned, students are severely instructed to not share the details of the story with anyone, including other members. If they feel they must discuss it, they’re allowed to talk to “ministers” who can re-assure them if they have any doubts. As a result, it’s never clear to the student if they’re alone in questioning the validity of what they’re hearing. It appears to them that every other person in the room accepts all stories told as being real and true.

This process happens over a period of days, from morning until late at night, with breaks for food. Students are asked to sit and listen as person after person tells different versions of the same story, for hours upon hours. There’s no time for reflection, discussion, or meditation on what is happening. Since students, to that point, have trusted that they’ve been given information to their benefit, there’s little psychological defense.

For some students, of course, it’s too much. The level 6 conference is the last they have to do with the organization. Their names are crossed off a list that’s displayed publicly for the students who return, who are given praise and accolades for accepting the Training In Power earth history story as truth.