What follows is a PR document given to students as a way of responding to TIP criticism. Communications Guide December 2007 This document was presented to students and faculty by Public Relations expert Chris Friemond in 2007 following a series of negative activities directed at the academy, primarily on the internet and by email. In your teacher position and as a professional, it is our hope that reading this document will assist you in understanding these events and the academy’s responses. OVERVIEW A group of…Continue Reading “Communications Guide”

A current tipper muses about whether vibrational psychology could be measured; could (the founder)’s system be compared and measured? The implication is that there is something trainers are feeling, what is it and can it be measured? That people feel better is one reason they stay, in spite of all they see wrong. Yes, trainers do feel something, and it can be measured, but it is not vibration. In order to compare and measure vibrational systems, one would have to have results to compare. It…Continue Reading “Vibrational Psychology”

From a lecture:  “you MUST stop making me wrong in any manner whatsoever – I demand a new level of courtesy from you. I demand a level I give you and I will take nothing less, or I won’t be here. I’m not a target, a bull’s eye in the crosshairs, I am my own solvency. You have no claimancy, what I do I chose to do. Comprehend this or die with the power and what people will do to you. You are fast moving…Continue Reading “Demystify TIP – Level Notes”

Here’s an interesting set of distinctions that delineate the difference between healthy and dysfunctional forms of religion, taken from Brother Anansi’s customer review of When Religion Becomes Evil by Charles Kimball: Five warning signs of corruption in religion: 1. Absolute truth claims 2. Blind obedience 3. Establishing the “ideal” time 4. The end justifies any means 5. Declaring holy war Five signs of integrity and dynamism in religion: 1. Dynamic and relational truth and ongoing learning 2. Critical thinking and honest inquiry 3. Making the…Continue Reading “When Religion Becomes Evil”

Discrimination in Training In Power, A Spiritual Journey of Service Founded By Faye Fitzgerald This post is from the collective contributions of openOcircle members, a yahoo support group for those ex-members of the Training In Power Cult. I have just looked up some of the words that I would attribute to Training In Power and its leadership. If there is a word to inclusively describe the level of ignorance and malice directed towards marginal groups within the community, I guess I would choose discrimination as…Continue Reading “Discrimination in Training In Power”

Power Transfer claim by (the founder) of Training In Power, A Spiritual Journey of Service “Ideology is the ass that carried the ark of the covenant” According to (the founder) there is a hierarchy of knowledge based on the amount of power transferred to the students and that they can only withstand so much without dieing. So this proverbial celestial tit is an unending dependence on the guru, who can literally take you to ascension. By reason however, to pull from previous ideology of the…Continue Reading “Power Transfer Claim By The Founder”

I think it says a lot about the fear of being alone as well as the fear of “Well, I’ve been ‘this’ for so long, what will I be if I’m not ‘this’?” Not knowing what will happen if you stop doing something you’ve done for so long scares the snot out of most people. Humans, as a general rule, are a pack/herd/social animal. We don’t like to be “a lone.” There is safety in numbers. This is why it is so hard to stand…Continue Reading “Re: Why They Stay”

You are a beautiful spiritual warrior doing the best you can. Just because you are an individual, doing your own journey and minding your own business, doesn’t mean you can ignore what is going on around you, spiritually, emotionally or physically. Trainers say it is their own journey and that they have not experienced what ex-members have experienced, and to each his or her own. That you have not had a bad experience with a priest, parent, physician, leader or teacher does not mean you…Continue Reading “Dismissal of Ex-Members “

“You shall know them by their assertion of truth, their contempt for considered reflection and their fear of debate” As a professional in the organization Training In Power: A Spiritual Journey of Service, you are ethically obliged to take seriously the matters brought forward by members and ex- members alike. In your professional life these obligations extend into legal as well as ethical areas. If you promote the training organization as an educational body and certified discipline yet fail to add the fact that it…Continue Reading “Ethics “

The importance, power and significance given to the training system is based in superstition and fear. It exists in secrecy vows and oaths of silence. Discussing any of the teaching or practices challenges this aggrandizement, importance, preciousness, and places it in light for what it really is: a means to control perception, behavior and thought. The threat of breaking the secrecy and allowing public critique of the teaching itself, threatens the power structure of those who benefit from this secrecy and repression. The only power…Continue Reading “Critical Analysis Applied to the Training in Power Power Structure; A Cult Dynamic”