Insights after taking level 1 twice

Submitted anonymously I’m going to start with the positives of my experience after taking level 1(twice) as I want to make the point that one of the reasons that I was unaware that the course was a cult without a trusted confidant revealing this to me is that its teachings are good! This is at […]

An Ex-member’s Story

Even though the best high-tech immunologists in the world were telling me that I was a carrier of a known but rare X-linked genetic mutation that they’d actually identified in my DNA, that day Faye insisted that the true reason Ray was sick was that my husband was sexually abusing him and had been for weeks since he was born.

Take your money and Run

By Joanna W. I spent 7 years with training in power, and went to level 6. It is easy to write a positive review as someone in levels 1-4. Levels 1-3 are wonderful, mostly. If you are hooked, if you must, go through with levels 1-3, then run far far away. There is a reason […]

False Evidence Appearing Real

Submitted anonymously Faye is a master at this. She presents False Evidence in such away that it appears real to the students. For example, in Teachers meetings she often shares some perceived attack on the training in such a way that: the listeners know to whom she is referring or to what group she’s assigned […]

Gratitude for the Website

Submitted anonymously I am so deeply grateful for all of the work, time, patience and passion put into this website. Many of us get off the path of Truth, Light, Love and Personal Empowerment by seeking solutions outside of ourselves. Training inPower claims to lead you to Power and seduces you into believing that Training […]

Does This Path Have a Heart?

By Chiara Wood When I resigned from the Training, I did so officially quite a long while after I was unofficially Gone! It didn’t seem important for me to officially resign. My idea was to kick back and further kick back. I had already not been going to most of the classes, meetings, parties etc. for […]

Your Soul is Your Own

By Kellie Newton This letter is intended as a resource for those who are thinking of leaving Training in Power, and as a counter point for those still firmly ensconced in TIP who believe that Diane Muir’s website “Lessons in Awareness” is just a spiteful, one woman’s crusade to destroy an “innocent church of light.” My […]