A Therapist’s Evaluation of Training in Power


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I have been asked to review the training in power teachings, including a video and CD.

I have found that much of the course material is fear based, very negative and dangerous.

Faye is using hypnosis and auto suggestion in the course material.  She calls her hypnosis scripts, meditations when in fact they are guided meditations. The only reason a person would continue with guided meditations for a long time would be to control the thought process of the people involved. When you teach a beginning class of meditation you would start with a guided mediation to show the student how to begin, at most you would do this for two or three times, then the student would take himself off on their own.

Mediation is a personal exercise. Prayer is when you talk to God. Meditation is when God talks to you, so when you, the teacher are constantly controlling the meditation, it’s no longer the student’s meditation, the teacher is the one in control.

Throughout the course material it is evident that Faye is in control, she suggests that the world is a scary and dangerous place, you must be on guard or “they will take you out”. In the video Faye talks about power transference, she claims it is very dangerous and there has been a high mortality rate this year because of the “way we are teaching level three this year”. She refers to always being under attack, she goes on to say, “I can smell death” It must be exhausting to always be on guard , to do battle, to be fearful.

In my opinion Faye Fitzgerald is teaching paranoia, she preys on people who are not fulfilled in his or her life, anyone who has not found the sense of meaning we all desire will naturally have an acute fear of death. Efforts based on fear will produce limited results.  Have you ever watched a game where one team plays to win and the other team plays not to lose? It’s hard to have fun, to experience love and joy when you are motivated by fear. Fear creates stress, stress causes a depletion of energy, all our energy focuses on the stressor (everyone is out to get you), low energy compromises the immune system which is then unable to ward off disease.

This program teaches participants that there are enemies out there ready to get you. It’s very stressful to be on guard all the time.  Instead of promoting a love of life, gratitude for all that is good in a person’s life and encouraging people to enjoy the moments which would promote good health and happiness, Faye instead promotes fear and distrust. The implication is that she is the truth and without her you will almost certainly die, but she is going to save you all.

Jesus asked people not to worship him, but to follow his example.

If you have any questions regarding this matter please feel free to contact me.


Elaine Hopkins